Tops "HITOTSUGI Gâteau Chocolat
HITOTSUGI gâteau chocolat (Image source: Tops official website)

Top's HITOTSUGI Gâteau Chocolat

Top's has announced on its official website that "HITOTSUGI Gâteau Chocolat" will appear on the market from January 21, 2023. Three flavors will be available: milk chocolate, bitter chocolate, and caramel orange.

Milk Chocolate

, Bitter Chocolate and Caramel Orange Flavor Sets

The set includes a milk chocolate flavor with the right amount of sweetness from chocolate and milk, a bitter chocolate flavor with a sharp cacao flavor, and a caramel orange flavor with a deep caramel and orange accent, all of which are available in a variety of flavors. The calorie content per 100g (3.53oz) is 450kcal for the milk chocolate flavor, 470kcal for the bitter chocolate flavor, and 430kcal for the caramel orange flavor.

Tax included prices are displayed with consumption tax rounded up. Prices may differ at stores that display rounded-down prices.

Available at restaurants, cafes, and cake stores nationwide. The selection varies by store, so please contact the store directly for details. A list of stores can be found on Tops' official website.