Lotteria "Double the crispy chicken sticks at the same price for now !!" Campaign

At each Lotteria store, the "Double the price of chicken sticks for now !!" campaign will be held for a limited time from January 4th to January 11th, 2021 (excluding some stores).

The popular "Crispy Chicken Stick (2 pieces)" was released as a side menu in October 2019. This time, in 2021, we will carry out a special coupon plan for a limited time because we want many people to feel free to enjoy the deliciousness of Lotteria.

The one-handed "Crispy Chicken Stick (2 pieces)" is a popular menu that is made by seasoning healthy chicken breast with low fat content with ginger base, adding mayonnaise and mustard, and fried to a crispy texture. During the campaign, if you present the coupon displayed on the coupon page on the Lotteria official website at the cash register, the price (190 yen excluding tax) will be increased by 2 and will be offered in packs of 4.

Lotteria "Crispy Chicken Stick"

Lotteria stores nationwide (excluding Saitama Super Arena store, Hakkeijima Seaside Oasis FS store, ZOZO Marine Stadium store, Ueno Park Lueno FS store, Ginza Crystal Building store, Kobe Harborland store).