Lotteria "Summer Special! Bucket Trio" Campaign

Lotteria will hold a "Summer Special! Bucket Trio" campaign will be held at Lotteria from July 21 to August 10 (except at some stores).

Summer Special! Bucket Trio Campaign

Lotteria has been developing products and campaigns to commemorate its 50th anniversary. As part of these efforts, Lotteria is offering bucket-sized items such as "French Fries" and "Onion Fries" at a special price to celebrate the peak of the summer season. Bucket Trio" campaign will be held for a limited time.

Present the coupon from the official Lotteria website at the cash register when ordering, and you can purchase "Bucket Potato Onion," "Bucket Potato Karaoke," and "Bucket Chicken Karaagetto" for only 600 yen each, compared to the regular price of 650 yen each. Prices include 10% tax.

Bucket Potato Oni

2.5 "French Fried Potatoes S" fried in vegetable oil to a crispy outside and a crunchy inside, seasoned with mineral-rich baked salt made by boiling seawater, and 6 "Onion Fries" made with finely chopped European onions and breaded to a crispy texture without seasoning so that the sweetness of the onions can be fully appreciated. The value-priced product contains 6 "Onion Fries," which are made by frying finely chopped European onions in fine breadcrumbs to give them a crispy texture and a sweet onion taste.

Lotteria "Bucket Potteoni

From the Bucket Potatoes

A value-priced product containing 2.5 "French Fried Potato S" and 6 "Chicken Kara-Age" seasoned with soy sauce based on the taste of Kara-Age, for a total value of 856 yen.

Lotteria "From Bucket Potatoes

Bucket Chicken Karaagetto

A bargain product containing 15 "Chicken Karaageetto" worth a total of 951 yen.

Lotteria "Bucket of Chicken Kara-Age"