7-ELEVEN Limited "Sugar Butter Tree Caramel Macchiato"

"Sugar Butter Tree Caramel Macchiato", a product jointly developed by the Western confectionery brand "Gin no Gudo" and 7-ELEVEN & i Holdings, is now available as a 7-ELEVEN Winter Gift.

"7-ELEVEN Cafe Sugar Butter Tree Caramel Macchiato" is a limited edition item that can only be obtained at 7-ELEVEN & i Group companies, including 7-ELEVEN. This is a new seasonal product that combines caramel powder made by boiling domestic milk and powder of mellow authentic Ethiopian "mocha coffee" into a sweet and fragrant "caramel macchiato scented special dough" that melts.

A winter BOX where you can fully enjoy this rapidly rising new taste of "Caramel Macchiato" is now available for the first time in the 7-ELEVEN store catalog and 7-ELEVEN & i's online shopping site "Omni 7"! It is a fun box where you can enjoy the popular classic "Scented Cereal & Milky Chocolat Sugar Butter Tree", which has sold over 3 million bags in 5 months.

The price starts from 3,250 yen (tax excluded, shipping included) for "Assorted original 2 types of sugar butter wood".