"Granulated Warabimochi and Kinako Gelato Parfait" for Nana's Green Tea

The new sweet "Gran Warabimochi Kinako Gelato Parfait" is now available in "nana's green tea". It is available at 81 stores nationwide.

This menu was developed so that you can enjoy the main character of "Mochirate", which is a combination of matcha and roasted green tea with the grain warabi mochi "Mochi" that appeared as a dessert drink in July.

"Granulated Warabimochi and Kinako Gelato Parfait" for Nana's Green Tea

A dish with many layers of Japanese flavors such as kinako gelato, kinako warabi mochi, red bean paste, brown rice flakes, black honey, and kinako raw chocolate agar. The fragrant scent of kinako, the smooth texture of gelato, and the sweetness of kinako raw chocolate spread the rich black honey in your mouth. It is a tailoring that goes well with sencha and matcha green tea with a refreshing taste, roasted fellow roasted green tea, and coffee.

The selling price is as follows. All notations do not include tax.

・ Single item 900 yen ・ Drink set 1,150 yen

It is not available at "Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse", "Diversity Tokyo Plaza", "Tokyo Dome", and "Eas Okinawa Toyosaki 1F".

In addition, the grand menu of Nana's Green Tea has been renewed since November. Entering the standard menu of "Mochirate", "Risotto" is also on sale for a limited time.