Nana's Green Tea "Matcha Chocolat Glass with Haagen-Dazs"

From nana's green tea, the menu "Matcha Chocolat Glass with Haagen-Dazs" for the Valentine season will be released. 202 February It will be handled from January 6th to February 14th. The calorie is 488 kcal, and the selling price is 970 yen (tax included).

Matcha Chocolat Glass with Haagen Dazs

A combination of nana's green tea matcha ice cream and Haagen-Dazs ice cream "sweet chocolate". Smooth matcha cream and fluffy sponge cake are placed in the glass, and the sour strawberry sauce that is hidden in the bottom of the glass is finished to accentuate the aroma of matcha and the overall sweetness.

It also contains crumble cookies and meringue that have a nice texture. It is said that if you scoop up from the bottom of the glass and continue to eat, each ingredient will be combined and you can enjoy it in a well-balanced manner from the beginning to the end. It is a luxurious parfait filled with a lot of happiness in a glass, and it is said that it is suitable for ordering with someone important or as a reward for yourself who is always working hard. ..

In addition to eat-in, To go is available at the same price. However, the menus that can be taken out differ depending on the store, so you are instructed to check the store information on the official website. In addition, it may not be sold at some stores.