Nana's green tea "nana's sakura strawberry"

"Nana's sakura strawberry" menu is now available at nana's green tea. Rich sakura bean paste, sweet and sour strawberries, and chewy shiratama sweets and drinks are on sale until April 10.

The contents and selling prices of each are as follows. All notations include tax.

Sakura strawberry parfait

"Sakura Strawberry Parfait" is 1,100 yen. A dish of cherry blossoms and strawberries made with cherry bavarois, red bean paste, strawberry sauce, strawberry ice cream, and fresh strawberry. With gorgeous colors, you can enjoy the arrival of spring ahead of time.

Sakura Strawberry Soft Ice Cream Latte (ICED)

"Sakura Strawberry Soft Cream Latte (ICED)" is 750 yen for M size and 840 yen for L size. A sweet and sour strawberry sauce is placed on a latte made with moist and rich sakura bean paste and a soft serve ice cream with a refreshing sweetness. The crushed texture of the sauce made with whole strawberries is an accent.

Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Latte (HOT / ICED)

"Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Latte (HOT / ICED)" is M size 680 yen, L size 770 yen. The sourness of the cherry bean paste and strawberries is spring-like, and the salted cherry blossoms and the chewy white balls are placed on it. With a slight scent of cherry blossoms and a mellow sweetness, it feels like you are eating "Sakura Anno Ichigo Daifuku". The hot drink emphasizes the slightly fragrant cherry blossom flavor, giving it a mellow and gentle taste. The cold drink is accented with the acidity of strawberries on the cherry blossom latte, giving it a refreshing taste.

To go is available for both parfaits and drinks. It will not be implemented at some stores. Parfait To go is not available at "AEON MALL Kisogawa", "AEON MALL Okazaki" and "AEON MALL Aratamabashi".

Sakura tiramisu

Nana's green tea "nana's sakura strawberry"

"Sakura Tiramisu" is available only at stores in Kyoto. The selling price is 1,320 yen. Supervised by Chef Akihiro Kakimoto, a pastry chef. The abundantly used mascarpone cream and cherry cream are served with strawberry sauce to create a sweet that gives you a taste of spring.

The studded white balls, meringue, and almond caramel expand the variety of textures, making it possible to enjoy different flavors for each bite. The leaf-shaped pie on the glass, vanilla ice cream, and cherry crunch are designed to give a hint of the arrival of spring.

It is sold only at AEON MALL KYOTO, AEON MALL Kyoto Katsuragawa, Kyoto Porta, and SUINA Muromachi, and To go is not available.