Kentucky "Boneless Chicken 1000 Yen Pack"

At each Kentucky Fried Chicken store, "Boneless Chicken 1000 Yen Pack" and "Boneless Chicken 1500 Yen Pack" will be on sale for 14 days from November 4th to November 17th (excluding some stores). * Some stores may change their business hours or be closed due to the policies of each local government.

The "Boneless Chicken 1000 Yen Pack" is a crispy "Boneless Kentucky" 2 piece that is easy to eat without bones and is finished with 11 kinds of kernel secret herbs and spices while keeping the taste and texture of "Original Chicken". A great-value pack menu that combines 2 pieces of "Kernel Crispy", which has an irresistible taste of chicken and soy sauce, and 5 pieces of "Nugget", which is seasoned with 11 kinds of herbs and spices. It will be sold for 1,000 yen, which is a 360 yen discount from the total price of the individual items (tax included, same below).

For those who want volume, the "Boneless Chicken 1500 Yen Pack" is recommended. Contains 3 pieces of "Boneless Kentucky", 3 pieces of "Kernel Crispy" and 10 pieces of "Nugget". Sold for 1,500 yen, which is a 740 yen discount from the accumulated price.

Also, if you purchase the "Boneless Chicken Pack", you can buy as many as 2 popular side menus "Potato (S)" or 2 "Biscuits" for a great deal of 300 yen each.