Mokotanmen Nakamoto "Nakamoto's Brilliant Curry Festival"
"Nakamoto's splendid curry festival" is held! (* The source of the image is the official website of Mokotanmen Nakamoto)

The campaign "Nakamoto's splendid curry festival" will start where you can get goods by eating the curry menu and collecting stamps at the ramen chain "Mokotanmen Nakamoto". Limited time offer from October 5th to November 16th.

The target stores are all stores except the Takasaki store. Limited curry menus will be released for each. If you receive a curry point card from the staff when you first eat, you will be stamped with 1 point for each meal of the specified menu. You can get a limited 5,000 mask cases with 5 points, and you can receive the original eco bag by achieving 15 points as it is. Eco bags can be exchanged for point cards.

Stamps are also applicable to stamps from the same store. Regular app points will also be awarded. The target limited curry menu is as follows.

(1) Murugu Makani ・ Main store, Meguro store, Funabashi store

(2) Ikari Yakisoba / Okachimachi store, Tachikawa store, Yokohama store

(3) Kawasaki Ma Shibuya store, Kawasaki store, Akitsu store

(4) My beloved curry, Nishiikebukuro store, Kichijoji store, Chiba store

(5) Popind / Higashiikebukuro store, Machida store

(6) Rich curry tsukemen, Takadanobaba store, Omiya store, Kashiwa store

(7) Cold India, Indian bowl / Shinjuku store, Kinshicho store, Hashimoto store, Kawagoe store

(8) T & C
・ Soka store

(9) Bone curry Ichikawa store