Iwashita Shin-Ginger Eco-Bag" Local Capsule Collection

Iwashita Fresh Ginger Local Capsule Collection

Turlin will sell the Kanto-limited local capsule collection "Iwashita Fresh Ginger Eco Bag" featuring Iwashita Foods' signature product "Iwashita Fresh Ginger" and the official character "Iwashika". The release date is November 25. The price is 400 yen each (tax included).

Iwashita Shin-Ginger Eco-Bag" Local Capsule Collection

They will be sold at the Iwashita Fresh Ginger Museum and 28 Gashakoko capsule specialty stores in the Kanto area as soon as the products arrive on November 25, and will also be available in capsule vending machines at general merchandise stores and mass merchandisers in the Kanto area.

Iwashita New Ginger Eco Bag

This Kanto-limited local capsule collection consists of a total of six types featuring the "Iwashita New Ginger" and "Iwashita New Ginger Volume Pack" product packages and the official Iwashita New Ginger character "Iwashika. The lineup features a practical size that fits in a small capsule, yet is cute and pink in color.

Iwashita Shinseginger Eco Bag A
・ Iwashita Shinseginger Eco Bag B
・ Iwashita Shinseginger Eco Bag C
・ Iwashita Shinseginger Eco Bag D
・ Iwashita Shinseginger Eco Bag E
・ Iwashita Shinseginger Eco Bag F

Size: A - CH330 x W275mm, D - FH365 x W260mm. Including the handle. No gusset.