7-ELEVEN "Chick-chan Eco Bag" Present

7-ELEVEN is currently running a campaign in which customers who buy two Chicken Ramen Donburi or Cup Noodle products at one time will receive one "Chick-chan Eco Bag".

Chickie-Chan Eco Bag Present Campaign

Buy two Nissin Foods products at one time and receive a "Chick-chan Eco Bag" as a present. The campaign will run from August 10 to August 23. The campaign will end when all the prizes are gone.

7-ELEVEN "Chick-chan Eco Bag" Present

There are three types of "Chick-chan Eco-Bags. Each bag has a large chick face on it. Each bag measures 43 cm (length) x 25 cm (width) (including handles), and each store will distribute a limited number of 8 bags per design, for a total of 24 bags.

7-ELEVEN "Chick-chan Eco Bag" Present

The following products are available

Chicken Ramen Donburi
Nissin Chicken Ramen Big Cup Junko no Pizza Toast Style Tomato & Cheese Flavor
Chicken Ramen Donburi Junko no Neapolitan without soup
Chicken Ramen Bukkomi Rice
Cup Noodle
Cup Noodle Curry
Seafood Noodle
Chili Tomato Noodle

Bring two (2) of the "qualifying products" and one (1) "eco-bag" together to the cashier to receive a free gift. Some products may not be available at some stores.