Arita porcelain "Stenai Cup" at Komeda

A campaign to win the "Stenai Cup" of Arita porcelain will start at "Komeda Coffee Shop", "Thank you hermitage" and "Komeda is □" nationwide. It will be held from September 26th to November 13th.

The Stenai Cup is a recycled Arita porcelain cup made by a craftsman that was planned to be used at Komeda Coffee Shop and was scheduled to be discarded because it did not pass the quality standards. This time, it will be a prize for the "Mottainai Grandma Project" support campaign that emphasizes the importance of resources and the environment.

The Mottainai Grandma Project is jointly implemented by the Ministry of the Environment and Kodansha. A short animation of the character "Mottainai Grandma" that appears out of nowhere and tells you how to get rid of it while saying "Mottainai" when you are doing wasteful things is distributed free of charge on the Internet. Based on the picture book series published by Kodansha, the author is Mariko Shinju. There are 17 picture books, with a cumulative total of over 1 million copies, translated and published in French, Hindi, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

To participate in the campaign, first download the smartphone application "Komeda App" and start using the "Komeda-style Sustainer Stamp" on the app. After that, one stamp is stamped for each drink order at Komeda coffee shop etc., and when 5 stamps are collected, 500 people will be selected by lottery from those who learned "Mottainai" and answered the quiz correctly, and Mariko Shinju will be special. The newly drawn Arita porcelain "Mottainai Grandma's Original Stenai Cup & Saucer" will win.

Winners will receive prizes around mid-December.