Kura Sushi "Fuwayuki Gorotto Monster"

Halloween-only menus are available at each Kura Sushi restaurant. All 6 types of Japanese sweets "Halloween in Japan" and "Fuwayuki Gorotto Monster" will be on sale from October 29th to October 31st.

Kura Sushi Halloween Limited Menu

The fourth Halloween-only menu this year is the Neri-kiri Japanese sweets "Halloween for Japan". It will be sold from June this year, and will be provided by arranging "Amabie", which is said to have the benefit of eliminating the plague, which has become a hot topic on SNS.

In addition, various Japanese youkai such as "Kasa-obake", "Kappa", and "Third-eyed kid" will appear at once. Two flavors, "Koshian" and "Strawberry bean paste," are prepared. The price is 200 yen per piece (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Kura Sushi "Japanese Halloween"

On the other hand, "Fuwayuki Gorotto Monster" is an arrangement menu of the popular menu "Dream Fluffy Snow" using a "luxury shaved ice machine". It is a dish of fluffy shaved ice with plenty of strawberry sauce containing pulp, topped with "Eyeball Daifuku". The big eyeball has a great impact. The price is 280 yen.

Kura Sushi "Fuwayuki Gorotto Monster"

Daifuku has a chewy texture, and when you break it, the strawberry sauce flows out from the inside. In addition, this year, you can add Daifuku, the centerpiece, for 200 yen for 4 pieces as a "chasing eyeball".

Kura Sushi "Chase Eyeball"