Ministop "thick sliced potatoes"
"Thick sliced potatoes" at Ministop!

From the convenience store "Ministop", a hot snack "Thick sliced potato" with whole potatoes cut into a wavy shape will be released from July 31st. Punchy seasoning with spices.

Ministop "Thick sliced potatoes"

The selling price is 203 yen (tax included, if you take it home), and the calories are 291 kcal. By removing the skin of the potato and cutting it into a wavy shape, the original sweetness of the potato is enhanced. Also, by using whole potatoes, you can enjoy different textures, although they come in various sizes.

In addition to this, thick-sliced potatoes are seasoned with a well-balanced mix of eight spicy seasonings for the summer. Although it has a punch, it is easy for children and women to eat.

Ministop "Thick sliced potatoes"

In addition, like Ministop's hot snacks, the final processing is done in the kitchen set up in the store after receiving an order. Therefore, you can receive freshly fried food every time. It is available at all 1973 Ministop stores in Japan (as of the end of June).