Matsuya "Yamagata Dashi no Sanshoku Don"

At Matsuya, "Yamagata Dashi no Sanshoku Don", where you can easily enjoy Yamagata Prefecture's local cuisine, will be released on August 4th (excluding some stores).

"Yamagata-dashi no Sanshoku-don" is Matsuya's classic "Stem wasabi Yamagata-dashi" and "Tororo", which are made by chopping stalk wasabi, cucumber, radish, eggplant, myoga, green onion, green perilla, kelp, and soy sauce. A summer tradition topped with "Ushimeshi". You can enjoy it refreshingly even in the hot season.

Matsuya "Yamagata Dashi no Sanshoku Don"

"Yamagata Dashi" is a local dish with an excellent nutritional balance that allows you to eat many kinds of vegetables at once. Matsuya's "Yamagata Dashi" is finished with a refreshing taste by adding spicy stalk wasabi.

The tax-included price is 590 yen for "Yamagata-dashi's three-color bowl (with miso soup)" and 700 yen for "Yamagata-dashi's three-color bowl with raw vegetable egg set (with miso soup, raw vegetables and raw egg)". If you want to take it home, you can purchase miso soup separately for 60 yen.

Matsuya "Yamagata Dashi's Three Color Bowl Raw Vegetable Egg Set"

To commemorate the release, if you order "Yamagata Dashi no Sanshoku Don" or "Yamagata Dashi no Sanshoku Don Raw Vegetable Egg Set", you will receive a free rice bowl until 10:00 on August 11th.