"Blueberry & Honey Oligo" from Aohata
Blueberry & Honey Oligo

From the one-time-use spread "Verde Pakitte" series by Jam "Aohata", a new "Blueberry & Honey Oligo" will be released. A dish made for yogurt. It will be shipped nationwide from August 18th.

Blueberry & honey oligo

It comes in 4 pieces with a content of 13g, and the estimated price is 135 yen (tax included). Verde Pakitte has a structure that can be easily used with one hand, and has a "twin sauce" function that allows you to squeeze out two types of sauce at the same time without getting your hands dirty. It can be used in a wide range of situations such as breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dessert toppings.

Conventional flavors such as "strawberry & butter flavored cream" were mainly for bread and pancakes, but this time "blueberry & honey oligo" uses blueberry jam and honey oligo that are compatible with yogurt.

Aohata "Blueberry & Honey Oligo"
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You can enjoy the combination of the sweetness and sourness of berries and the rich sweetness of honey. It is also devised to continue to match bread and pancakes.