Kanda Tamagoken "Spicy KARA Omelet Rice-Taiwanese Style-"

"Spicy KARA omelet rice-Taiwanese style-" will be on sale for a limited time from August 1st from the omelet rice specialty store "Kanda Tamagoken", where you can enjoy the exquisite combination of hot spiciness, spice flavor, and mellow fluffy omelet. The sale period is until August 31st. The stores are Higashi Ikebukuro store, Akihabara store, Jimbocho store, Koenji store, Fukuoka Tenjin store.

"Kanda Tamagoken" is a fast food type omelet rice specialty store where you can easily eat freshly made omelet rice regardless of age or gender. After receiving your order, you can enjoy the hot omelet rice that is fried in a special frying pan. The popular "homemade sweet pickles" and "soy sauce consomme soup" are all handmade in the store.

"Spicy KARA omelet rice-Taiwanese style-" is a menu in which minced meat and leek are fried in specially made spicy chili oil, and the ingredients finished with Taiwanese-style seasoning are placed on the restaurant's proud fluffy omelet rice. A spicy omelet rice with a perfect match between stimulating spiciness and mellow fluffy eggs, and the spiciness of chili peppers and the umami of garlic make it irresistible. The taste is perfect for the coming season when the heat is in full swing.

The lineup is as follows.

"Spicy KARA omelet rice-Taiwanese style-" with cheese 1,090 yen (tax included, same below)
"Spicy KARA omelet rice-Taiwanese style-" 990 yen