Tokyo Banana Brulet Tart

The first collaboration between Tokyo Banana, a classic souvenir from Tokyo, and Tokai Kiosk. Along with the opening of the "Tokyo Gift Palette" in the Yaesu area of Tokyo Station, a new product "Tokyo Banana" Mitsuketta "Brule Tart" will be released on August 5th.

Tokyo Banana "Mitsuketta" Brulet Tart

A new Tokyo souvenir made by pouring banana custard-scented cream and caramel sauce into chocolate tart and crispy with flames. Two sizes are available: 842 yen for 5 pieces and 1,296 yen for 8 pieces. The price includes tax.

Available stores are "Precious Deli Tokyo by Kiosk" and "Gift Kiosk Tokyo Gift Palette".

What is Tokyo Banana?

A fresh cake made by wrapping banana custard cream with banana fruits that has been carefully strained in a soft sponge. When you eat it, it has a "thick" texture and the sweet and gentle banana taste and aroma. Released in 1991.