In love with a coffee shop. Creme Brulee Tart.

A limited-edition sweets store "In love with a coffee shop. will additionally sell "Crème Brulee Tart 10 pieces [Anzai Mizumaru illustration can]". The release date is July 15. Limited time offer. Priced at 2,700 yen (tax not included), the tarts will be available until mid-August. Sales will continue until mid-August, and will end when all the cans are gone.

Creme Brulee Tart 10 pieces [Mizumaru Anzai illustration can]

The Tokyo sweets brand "In love with a coffee shop..." was born from a popular feature in the magazine "Hanako. The brand was born from a popular feature in the magazine "Hanako". The "Crème Brulee Tart" won the Confectionery Category Award in the "JR East Souvenir Grand Prix 2020" and now comes in a can illustrated by "Mizumaru Anzai" for a limited time. Both the can and the sticky note are too cute...! This product was so popular that it was once discontinued in June.

The illustration on the limited edition can was created by Mizumaru Anzai, one of Japan's most popular illustrators, and was featured on the cover of Hanako's special issue on coffee shops, which was a hit on SNS, with its "retro touch that captures the imagination of the viewer and perfectly matches the world of the coffee shop. Love in a Coffee Shop." This led to a collaboration with "In love with a coffee shop. The artwork that was used for the packaging was a rare work that was written for the exhibition and is not well-known even among fans. As a special bonus, the limited edition can also comes with a label featuring an illustration of a lighthouse and a seashell, which is also used on the package.