FamilyMart "Rare Cheese Peach Lemonade Ice Bar Made with Hanako"

The 4th ice cream "Rare Cheese Peach Lemonade Ice Bar" made with Hanako, supervised and developed by the lifestyle magazine "Hanako" together with the popular "Andeiko" at convenience stores, will be released at FamilyMart nationwide on July 28th. It will be released in advance at. The price is 160 yen each (excluding tax).

"Hanako", which has reached its 32nd anniversary, goes beyond the boundaries of magazines and develops and supervises sweets and food. Among them, the ice bar series with tapioca announced last year became a big hit with a total of over 4.4 million units in 6 months after its release.

"Rare cheese peach lemonade ice bar made with Hanako" is an ice bar with the theme of "lemonade", which is perfect for this hot summer and has signs of boom these days. The surface is cool and fresh lemonade ice cream with peach to create a fragrance and freshness. As you continue to eat, a creamy rare cheesecake will appear from the inside. Lemon peel cut into a slightly larger size is also a nice accent.

The package is based on the image of a lemonade shop on the North Shore of Hawaii. Enjoy the ice bar full of fun experiences while thinking about the blue sea of Hawaii.