Kenta "Hot Chili Cheese Sandwich"

"Hot Chili Cheese Sandwich" will be released on July 22nd at each Kentucky Fried Chicken store (excluding some stores). It will end as soon as it runs out.

"Hot Chili Cheese Sandwich" is a crispy patties made from domestic chicken breast, spicy chili beans made by adding 10 kinds of spices to red kidney beans (red kidney beans), red paprika, tomatoes, and mango chutney. A dry sandwich perfect for hot summers, sandwiched between whole grain buns with fillings, sliced rich cheddar cheese and fresh lettuce.

The lineup is as follows (price includes tax).

"Hot chili cheese sandwich" 450 yen "Hot chili cheese sandwich set" 760 yen Hot chili cheese sandwich, potato (S), drink (M)
"Hot chili cheese sandwich box" 960 yen Hot chili cheese sandwich, boneless Kentucky, potato (S), drink (M), mini apple pie