3 McDonald's Hawaiian Burgers

"Super Hawaiian !!!" Hawaiian Burgers is now available at McDonald's as a summer campaign. Three Hawaiian-style burgers, one morning mac menu, and one side menu, officially approved by the Hawaii Tourism Board, will be on sale for a limited time from July 3 (excluding some stores).

"Cheese Loco Moco Burger" is a summer tradition of thick beef patties, cheddar cheese, and eggs layered and sandwiched between buns topped with grated cheese. This year, a special barbecue sauce that is fruity with more than 10 kinds of spices added to the taste of beef and chicken is combined. The price is 420 yen (tax included, same below).

McDonald's "Cheese Loco Moco Burger"

"Garlic shrimp burger" is sandwiched in buns with a crispy shrimp cutlet and a special sauce with a pleasant fried garlic texture. The roasted shrimp and spicy sauce match, and it has an addictive taste like the typical Hawaiian dish "garlic shrimp". The price is 420 yen.

McDonald's "Garlic Shrimp Burger"

"Hawaiian BBQ Pork Burger" is a sandwich of pork patties, eggs, and bacon with a tropical scent. The special barbecue sauce matches, and it seems to be delicious and satisfying. The price is 420 yen.

McDonald's "Hawaiian BBQ Pork Burger"

Morning Mac's "Cheese Loco Moco Muffin" is a combination of classic egg and sausage patties with special barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese. The price is 360 yen.

McDonald's "Cheese Loco Moco Muffin"

The side menu "Shaka Shaka Potato Spicy Hot Chili" is re-appearing with more spiciness. The umami of garlic and onion and the doubled spiciness are perfectly balanced. The price is a single potato + 30 yen.

McDonald's "Shaka Shaka Potato Spicy Hot Chili"