KALDI "Water Drip Coffee Set"

"Water Drip Coffee Set" is on sale at KALDI Coffee Farm. A convenient set that allows you to drink cold brew coffee anywhere by simply putting coffee and water in a drip pack into a bottle.

The selling price of the set is 850 yen (tax included). The bottle is designed so that you can make cold brew coffee and take it out as it is. Easy to put in a bag and easy to use. It has a practical capacity of 500 ml.

The included coffee in the drip pack is "Water Drip Coffee Clear Taste", which uses coffee beans from Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil, and is finished in a refreshing and clear taste that is easy to drink even in black. Contains 5 bags of 15g.

The stores are KALDI's physical stores and online stores. There is a limit of 5 items per person regardless of which one you buy.

In addition to this, due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, sales conditions will vary from store to store. Please note that the business hours on the official website may differ due to changes in store business hours and temporary closures. By the way, reservations and reserves are not possible, and due to the limited quantity, it will end as soon as it runs out. In addition, prices, contents, and designs are subject to change.