INIC coffee "remote workset"

INIC coffee has released a coffee set "Remote Work Set" that supports remote work only at online stores. The price is 1,728 yen (tax included).

While remote work, which has become established since the Corona disaster, has many advantages, there are also concerns such as "it is difficult to switch on and off" and "it tends to be lack of exercise". The "remote work set" of INIC coffee that will be released this time was released from the desire to provide sharpness and healing with coffee during such remote work. There are 3 types of coffee recommended for remote work x 3 cups each, for a total of 9 cups, and a set of "Coffee Beans Chocolate" that is perfect when you want something a little sweet.

INIC coffee "remote workset"

"Refresh Aroma GABA" is a coffee containing 28mg of GABA in a cup. Refreshing and fruity Ethiopian coffee beans are used. The taste is just right for refreshing.

"Refresh Aroma W Caffeine" is a cup of coffee containing about twice as much caffeine (120mg) as regular drip coffee. We support the "now" that we do our best.

"Daily Aroma Beauty" is coffee containing indigestible dextrin (water-soluble dietary fiber). You can get the dietary fiber of about 2 lettuce with one cup. It was made with a focus on deliciousness so that you can drink it comfortably.

All coffee is drip coffee powder, which is made by dripping carefully selected high-quality beans under "best conditions" and making it into powder as it is. To drink, just dissolve in hot or cold water. Authentic coffee is ready in 5 seconds.

INIC coffee "remote workset"

In addition, the set "Coffee Beans Chocolate Single Origin 3 Assortment" consists of Kilimanjaro, Colombia, Ethiopia, and three single-origin coffee beans coated with Belgian chocolate that goes well with each. It has a crispy, fragrant and addictive taste.