Cotta "Animal Ice Bar"

Japan's largest EC site "cotta", which handles more than 30,000 items such as ingredients and recipes for confectionery and bread making, manufactures "animal ice bar kit" that can be easily made at home and presents it to 5,000 people for free We will start the efforts to do.

・ "Animal Ice Bar" made with an ice lolly mold that can be washed and used many times
With this kit, you can easily make cute animal-shaped popsicles just by adding your favorite juice. You can make it while watching the video explaining how to make it, so you don't have to worry about failure. It is also recommended to challenge with your child.

Kit contents: Animal ice lolly mold (one of 4 types), 6 sticks for ice lolly, 5 g of powdered gelatin, recipe (with video link) * Sugar and juice are prepared at home

Cotta "Animal Ice Bar"

・ Outline of gifts
Free gift of "Animal Ice Bar Kit" to 5,000 people (shipping fee of 300 yen will be charged separately)

Kit contents: Animal popsicle mold (one of 4 types), 6 sticks for popsicles, 5 g of powdered gelatin, recipe (with video link)

Qualifications: Those who have completed cotta membership registration and entered from the application form

Please refer to the official website for details on how to apply.