Kirin Freeze meets Ice Fruit (for a limited time)

"Kirin Freeze meets Ice Fruit (for a limited time)" will be released on June 16th as the second collaboration product between Kirin Brewery "Hyoyui" and Ezaki Glico's long-selling brand "Ice Fruit". Available in 350ml (11.83us fl oz) and 500ml (16.91us fl oz) cans. The price is open.

"Kirin Freezing loves Ice Fruit (for a limited time) " released last year (2019) is a collaboration product between "Freezing" where you can enjoy the fresh taste of fruits and "Ice Fruit" which is juicy and full of rich juice. It seems that it was popular with many people. In particular, on SNS, the drinking method of "chasing fruit", which improves the feeling of fruit juice by adding "ice fruit" to "freezing", became a hot topic.

Kirin Freeze loves Ice Fruit (for a limited time)

This year, we will further pursue the deliciousness of drinking "ice fruits" as "following fruits". Using grape juice, it is finished so that you can enjoy a fresh and rich juice feeling. No ingredients for "ice nuts" are used. Alcohol content is 4%.

The package is based on a light purple and silver cloth with dots added and juicy grapes and the "ice fruit" logo. A design that conveys exciting fun.