Natural Lawson "Queen's Garden Panna Cotta-Higo Green Melon-"

At each Natural Lawson store, the dessert "Minako Imada Produced Queen's Garden Panna Cotta-Higo Green Melon-" supervised by Minako Imada is on sale from May 19th. The price is 480 yen (tax included).

From November 2018, Natural Lawson will sell desserts supervised by Minako Imada, who spread Western confectionery in Japan. So far, a total of 18 types (excluding Christmas cakes) have been released, and all of them are popular among women in their 30s and 50s.

"Minako Imada Produced Queen's Vegetable Garden Panna Cotta ~ Higo Green Melon ~" is a refreshing feeling that combines lemon jelly and Lawson Farm Kumamoto's "Higo Green Melon" with panna cotta based on the recipe of a famous Italian family. A dessert. You can enjoy the sweet, soft and juicy flesh of Higo Green Melon.

Panna cotta that you can enjoy the appearance with the beautiful green of melon. Why don't you enjoy a refreshing dessert that is perfect for early summer when the temperature rises at home time?