Love Skal White Sour Fruit Mix

A new product of canned alcoholic beverages, "Sapporo Ai no Skal White Sour [Fruit Mix]" will be released in limited quantities. From May 26th, it will be available nationwide.

Limited flavor of "Sapporo Ai no Skal White Sour", a liquor in collaboration with the milky carbonated drink "Ai no Skal" brand. The sweet and sour taste of "Ai no Skal White Sour" and the crisp aftertaste are retained, but a nostalgic and gentle taste like "fruit milk" is added.

The package has an illustration of a fruit milk bottle and a glass against a white and orange background. It is designed to make it easy to imagine the taste.

Product Details

Product Name: Sapporo Ai no Skal White Sour [Fruit Mix]
Contents: 340ml (11.5us fl oz)
Item: Spirit (foaming)
Alcohol content: 4%
Price: 160 yen (excluding tax)
Ingredient name: Foods made mainly from milk, thighs, bananas, mangoes, voca, sugars / carbonic acids, acidulants, stabilizers (soy polysaccharides), flavors, yellow No. 4, yellow No.