Kobe Fugetsudo "Not just gofuru ☆ gofuru can sweets assortment"

At the official online shop of Kobe Fugetsudo, "Not only Gofuru ☆ Gofuru Can Sweets Assort" is on sale in limited quantities. The price is 3,240 yen (tax included).

"Not just gofuru ☆ gofuru can sweets assortment" is a product that combines seasonal products such as gofuru and proud sweets in the retro gofuru cans that are familiar at Kobe Fugetsudo. This is the first attempt to put sweets other than gofuru in a "gofuru can".

The characteristic of "Gofuru" is the "slightly texture" of the thinly baked dough. You can enjoy the sense of unity that the dough and cream melt smoothly. Assorted easy-to-eat size "Petit Gofuru" and popular "Sale Vanilla" using Himalayan pink salt.

Kobe Fugetsudo "Gofuru"

A wide variety of baked goods are also available. The popular "Kobe Busse" includes the seasonal "Kobe Busse Dark Matcha", "Caramel Tea" and "Pare au Chocolat", which are caramel sauce wrapped in chocolate and sandwiched with caramel cookies.

Kobe Fugetsudo sweets