Kobe Fugetsudo "White Day 2021 Hello Kitty"
(* The source of the image is the official website of Kobe Fugetsudo)

It was announced on the official website that the sweets of "White Day 2021 Hello Kitty" will appear at Kobe Fugetsudo. It will be available at each store from mid-February and will be available at the official online shop from February 17th.

Designed with the theme of everyday life with family and friends. The world of Hello Kitty is expressed with gentle touches and colors such as unexpected fantasies and dreams that I had while taking a nap. We will deliver it with the original design of Kobe Fugetsudo.

The "Hello Kitty Mini Gofuru White Day 2021" series is a small size that makes it easy to eat gofuru, and is sandwiched between vanilla, strawberry flavor, and chocolate flavored cream. Both the Petit Gofuru and the individual wrapping have a Hello Kitty pattern and are delivered with a special paper mini bag. Multiple types of sets with different designs and contents are available, and the selling prices are as follows. Notation is tax included.

・ Hello Kitty Mini Gofuru Daydream 453 yen (6 sheets)
・ Hello Kitty Mini Gofuru Self Portrait 453 yen (6 sheets)
・ Hello Kitty Mini Gofuru Dreamy Dessert 453 yen (6 sheets)
・ Hello Kitty Mini Gofuru 2 pieces 864 yen (12 sheets)
・ Hello Kitty Mini Gofuru 3 pieces 1,296 yen (18 sheets)