"White Day 2021 Matane Plantanier" from Kobe Fugetsudo
(* All images are sourced from the official website of Kobe Fugetsudo)

It was announced on the official website that the sweets of "White Day 2021 Matane Plantanier" will be released from Kobe Fugetsudo. It will be on sale from mid-February at each store and from February 14th at the official online shop.

In France, when the almond flowers begin to bloom, you will feel the arrival of spring, and as the season shifts to the season where you can enjoy fruits such as strawberries, domestically produced sweet strawberries and almonds are accompanied by a refreshing package reminiscent of spring when you visited the suburbs. There are spring-like sweets used by.

The contents and selling prices of each are as follows. All notations include tax.

Petit gofuru

Kobe Fugetsudo "White Day 2021 Matane Plantanier"

"Petit Gofuru" is finished in a small size that makes it easy to eat gofuru, and is packed with two types of sweet and sour Amaou strawberry cream and standard vanilla cream.

"Pare au Chocolat" is a light and light Amaou strawberry Lang de Chae with a flavor sandwiched between white chocolate.

・ Petit Gofuru (Amaou Strawberry & Vanilla) 6B 648 yen (12 sheets)
・ Palais au Chocolat (Amaou Strawberry) 6B 648 yen (8 sheets)
・ Petit Gofuru & Palais au Chocolat 10B 1,080 yen (9 Petit Gofuru, 5 Palais au Chocolat)

Koube Pier

"White Day 2021 Matane Plantanier" from Kobe Fugetsudo

Amaou strawberry and vanilla, two flavors of petit gofuru and koube pier are packed. Gift-friendly items that you can enjoy various flavors that are typical of Matane Plantanier.

・ Koubepia (berry assortment) 11B 1,100 yen (8 bottles)
・ Petit Gofuru & Koubepia 16B 1,728 yen (12 Petit Gofuru, 8 Koubepia)


"White Day 2021 Matane Plantanier" from Kobe Fugetsudo

"Financier a la Confiture" takes advantage of the flavors of almonds and butter, and tops the moist baked dough with strawberry and raspberry confiture (jam) to make a small baked confectionery. Enjoy a new flavor of fruity confiture and financiers.

・ Financier a la confiture 8BH 918 yen (4 bottles)
・ Financier a la Confiture 12BH 1,350 yen (6 bottles)