Kobe Fugetsudo "Petit Gofuru Assorted 20B"

A new limited number of sweets assortment "Petit Gofuru Assorted 20B" will appear at Kobe Fugetsudo. It will be on sale from July 22nd at the official online shop. It is also available in stores, but the release date may vary.

The selling price is 2,160 yen (tax included). "Gofuru" is a sweet that is the signboard of Kobe Fugetsudo, with creams of various tastes sandwiched between thinly baked dough. This assortment includes 11 types of "petit gofuru" that you can enjoy in a small size that makes it easy to eat gofuru. The total amount is 14 bags in a set of 3 pieces, for a total of 42 pieces. The details of the flavor are as follows.

・ Mix (vanilla, strawberry flavor, chocolate) × 3 bags ・ White peach × 2 bags ・ Dark matcha × 2 bags ・ Sale vanilla × 2 bags ・ Sale almond × 1 bag ・ Sale caramel × 1 bag ・ Matcha × 1 bag ・ Black tea × 1 Bag / Coffee x 1 bag

Kobe Fugetsudo "Petit Gofuru Assorted 20B"
Plenty of 11 kinds 42 pieces

The package is an original design box with the familiar "Gofuru" brown can design and the Kobe Fugetsudo character "Gofurun & Respopon" added.