From "Cooking Burger At Home" Burger King

Burger King will release a limited delivery product "COOKING BURGER @ Home" on May 1st.

"COOKING BURGER @ Home" is a delivery-only product that allows you to make authentic burgers at home using 100% beef patties that are grilled on an open fire, which Burger King is proud of. The set includes 100% beef patties with a diameter of about 13 cm, which are grilled directly using Burger King's original broiler, and 5-inch sesame buns. You can enjoy the savory beef patty that brings out the flavor of the meat at home by slowly baking it over an open flame to remove excess oil.

A unique set where you can enjoy your own authentic burger by adding your favorite ingredients and sauces with the included recipe as a hint. Orders are accepted from each delivery site. The product does not contain vegetables, sauces, etc. The contents of the set are as follows.

[2 sets] 2 sets of 100% beef patties grilled on an open fire, 2 sets of sesame buns 1,080 yen (tax included, same below)
[4 sets] 4 sets of 100% beef patties grilled on an open fire, 4 sets of sesame buns 2,000 yen

Also, from May 1st, there will be a campaign to offer the second free product by ordering "Spicy Wapper Jr." and "Quatro Cheese Wapper Jr." for To go only.