Osaka Ohsho "Table Support Campaign"

From April 21st to May 6th, the "Table Support Campaign" is being held at the Gyoza specialty store, Osaka Osho, where you can get a free gyoza ticket for every two people who take out gyoza. Except).

Osaka Ohsho is a dumpling specialty store founded in September 1969 in Kyobashi, Osaka. We offer high-quality menus at casual prices, centered on the signature menu "Ganso Gyoza" since its establishment.

Osaka Ohsho's Gyoza

In the "dining table support campaign" that we are conducting this time, one "free dumpling ticket" will be given for every two servings of dumplings (products including grilled dumplings and raw dumplings) to be taken out during the period. Why don't you enjoy dumplings at a great price?