Minimal design without label on "I LOHAS"!

From the Coca-Cola system mineral water "I Lohas", "I Lohas Natural Water Labelless" that does not label the bottle will be released.

The Coca-Cola system is improving PET bottles to solve the waste problem, and in 2009, the lightest PET bottle in Japan was adopted.

In this labelless version, we have eliminated the label that wraps around the outside, saving the trouble of peeling it off when throwing it away, and making it easier to separate garbage.

Instead, the container body has a design that seems to be "I Lohas". The bottle has a shape reminiscent of the clear stream of Japan, and the "I Lohas" logo is embossed on it, making it easy to carry around. 100% recycled PET bottles are used.

Minimal design without label on "I LOHAS"!
Fashionable without a label

It is only sold in cases, and legal labels such as the names of raw materials that are usually printed on the label are printed on the cardboard boxes that are packed and shipped.

Furthermore, from April 1, 2020, a "complete labelless" version will be released that omits the tack sticker that displays the identification mark in accordance with the partial revision of the Ministerial Ordinance of the "Act on Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources". It is easier to send used PET bottles for recycling in a state suitable for recycling.

The suggested retail price is 2,880 yen (excluding tax) for 24 560 ml bottles. It is available at shopping sites, supermarkets, drug stores, and discount stores nationwide.