Coca-Cola system "I LOHAS sugar-free sparkling"
"I'm happy with my body" I LOHAS came out

From the mineral water brand "I LOHAS", the first food with functional claims "I LOHAS sugar-free sparkling" was born. It will be sold nationwide from August 7th. It comes in a 515ml (17.41us fl oz) PET bottle, and the estimated price is 130 yen (excluding tax).

"Zero calorie" sparkling water based on carefully selected Japanese natural water with gentle stimulating carbonic acid added. Each bottle contains 5g (0.18oz) of indigestible dextrin (dietary fiber), which "suppresses the absorption of fat ingested from the diet, increases excretion, and moderates the absorption of sugar."

It has also been reported that this ingredient has a function of "adjusting the condition of the stomach", which is suitable for people who are concerned about the rise in blood triglyceride and blood sugar level after meals, and those who want to adjust the condition of the stomach. Or something like that.

I've often seen tea and juice, which are foods with functional claims, but water (carbonated water) is rare, isn't it? Since it is sugar-free, it seems to go well with meals.

Please note that foods with functional claims are different from "Tokuho". For details, please check the website of the Consumer Affairs Agency.