KALDI "Spring Coffee Bag 2020"
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"Spring Coffee Bag 2020" will be released on April 1st at each KALDI Coffee Farm store. The price is 1,600 yen (tax included).

"Spring Coffee Bag 2020" is a bag-limited straight bean packed in an original bag with a popular special blend. The bag has a simple design and is perfect for everyday use. Comes with a goat bee charm. The material is polyester and cotton. The approximate size is 22 x 29 x 30 cm.

KALDI "Spring Coffee Bag 2020"

For coffee, in addition to 200g (7.05oz) of a special blend with a firm mouthfeel, 120g (4.23oz) of "Emera Hatria district" in East Timor, where you can enjoy a mellow and exotic finish by finishing it in a deep roast, a refreshing mouth reminiscent of apple tea and citrus fruits. There are 4 types of "Nicaragua Dipilto District" 120g (4.23oz) and "Brazil Monte Alto Farm" 120g (4.23oz), which has a good balance of sweetness like caramel and acidity reminiscent of ripe cherries.

With a wide variety of coffee beans, from deep roasted to medium roasted, you can enjoy various flavors of coffee little by little.