Ohayo Dairy Products "Yaki Sweets" with 3 new products

Ohayo Dairy Products sells three new products in the "Yaki Sweets" series of authentic sweets that have been carefully baked in the oven. The price is 145 yen each (excluding tax).

The authentic sweets "Yaki Sweets" series is a high-quality chilled dessert that uses carefully selected ingredients. In order to create a soft and melty texture, it is carefully baked in the oven of Ohayo Dairy Products Co., Ltd., which has delicately controlled temperature. The package adopts the brand mark with the image of sealing wax, and has an elegant design like a sweets specialty store with a Japanese paper-style lid and a ribbon.

・ Grilled sweets Dense custard
Fresh eggs are split in-house and carefully baked with carefully selected ingredients such as raw milk and cream to create a rich and rich taste. In addition, we use a bittersweet caramel that has been carefully cooked at our own factory.

Ohayo Dairy Products "Grilled Sweets Dense Custard"

・ Grilled sweets cream cheese
A cheese dessert with a mellow cheese flavor and a mellow and profound taste, using several types of carefully selected cream cheese. It is slowly baked over a simmering fire and has a smooth texture that melts.

Ohayo Dairy Products "Grilled Sweets Cream Cheese"

・ Grilled sweets Scorched caramel
Adult caramel sweets with bittersweetness and sweetness. It is finished with a deep adult taste like slowly boiled bitter caramel.

Ohayo Dairy Products "Grilled Sweets Scorched Caramel"