"Tempura Soba Karasawa" "Tempura Bukkake"

"Tempura Soba Karasawa" is a 4-minute walk from Musashi-Koyama Station on the Tokyu Meguro Line. It is a "soba shop" run by Tridor Holdings, which is famous for Marugame Seimen. The store is named after "Karasawa Soba Village" in Yamagata Village, Nagano Prefecture. Similarly, it is available on the 2nd floor of "Tempura Set Meal Makino" operated by Tridor.

Musashi Koyama "Tempura Soba Karasawa"
"Tempura Soba Karasawa" store is on the 2nd floor

The inside of the store is divided into counter seats and table seats, and there are more counter seats. You can see the soba and tempura being cooked right in front of you.

There is a wide variety of menus such as bamboo steamer, bukkake, rice bowl and soba set. The author ordered "Tenmori Bukkake" from the bukkake menu. The price is 840 yen (excluding tax).

Tempura Soba Karasawa Menu

"Tenmori Bukkake" is a shrimp heaven and a seasonal vegetable heaven with grated daikon radish. Wasabi and green onions are included in the condiments.

"Tempura Soba Karasawa" "Tempura Bukkake"
Heavenly Bukkake

The tempura, which is crispy and fried with sesame oil, has a crispy and light texture when you bite it. The shrimp is crispy and juicy, and the vegetables are exquisitely fried with a slight sweetness. The quality of tempura is high!

"Tempura Soba Karasawa" "Tempura Bukkake"

Soba, which is blended with a unique blend to achieve smoothness and smoothness, has a smooth and smooth surface and is moderately chewy. The flavor of soba is not clearly felt, but it goes perfectly with the soup! You can eat it with a sip.

"Tempura Soba Karasawa" "Tempura Bukkake"

Also, the characteristic is the topping bonito flakes. "Ultra-thin Hagoromo-bushi" uses the highest quality Makurazaki-produced Honbetsu-bushi. Only 3% of Makurazaki products are made from carefully selected high-quality bonito. This is combined with a thickness of 0.01 mm. When placed on the tongue, it melts softly and spreads the scent and umami. Of course, if you eat it with soba, the fragrance will improve.

"Tempura Soba Karasawa" "Tempura Bukkake"

Tabletop seasoning of "Tempura Soba Karasawa"
Even if you add the seasoning on the table to your liking

With this deliciousness, the price is 1,000 yen or less including tax and cospa ◎. Currently, in addition to the Musashi-Koyama store, there is the Ochanomizu Sun Clair store (information in March 2020). The number of stores is still small and it is a little rare, but if you have a chance, please stop by!