Marugame Seimen Tempura General Election 2021

The "Marugame Seimen Tempura General Election 2021", which determines the top of Marugame Seimen Tempura, was held from December 10th to 21st, and the first popular number one tempura was decided. Of the more than 70,000 votes, the one with 23,382 votes was Kashiwaten. In addition, "Kakiage vegetables" was ranked second, and "Half-boiled egg heaven" was ranked third.

1st place "Kashiwaten"

Marugame Seimen "Kashiwaten"

Kashiwaten is a special garlic soy sauce-based chicken breast that is fried at the right time so that it doesn't get too hot. The umami that spreads slowly the moment you chew the fried food is irresistible. It has been a standard and popular product since its establishment, and it goes well with udon dashi and dashi sauce.

2nd place "Kakiage of vegetables"

Marugame Seimen "Kakiage Vegetables"

Kakiage of surprisingly powerful size. The four types of vegetables, fried onions, green onions, sweet potatoes, and carrots, have various textures even in the crispy texture, and the sweetness of the vegetables spreads in your mouth.

3rd place "Half-boiled egg heaven"

Marugame Seimen "Half-boiled egg heaven"

The yolk that comes out is proof that you are particular about how to fry. It goes well with both warm and cold udon noodles.

The 4th place and below are as follows.

4th place "Shrimp heaven"
5th place "Lotus root heaven"
6th place "Sweet potato heaven"
7th place "Squid heaven"
8th place "Chikuwa heaven"
9th place "Chikuwa Isobeten"
10th place "burdock heaven"
11th place "Gesoten"
12th place "Eggplant heaven"
13th place "Jumbo Crab Stick Heaven"
14th place "Kakiage of trefoil and small shrimp"
15th place "Pumpkin heaven"
16th place "Nabana heaven"
17th place "Ankoten"
18th place "Mozuku heaven"
19th place "Asparagus heaven"
20th place "Manganji Togarashiten"
21st place "Shiitake heaven"

Freshly fried tempura "10% discount for 5 or more takeaways"

Freshly fried tempura "10% discount for 5 or more takeaways"

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