"Soi Chai Latte with Brown Sugar Douhua (Tofa)" on Segafredo

The cafe chain "Segafredo Zanetti Espresso" will sell the seasonal menu "Soi Chai Latte with Brown Sugar Douhua (Tofa)" with a spicy and mellow taste. It will be available at all stores nationwide from February 15th to March 31st.

The selling price is 540 yen (tax included). A cup of Segafredo's unique arrangement of the South Asian-style drink "Chai", which is popular for its exotic taste.

Soy milk is used for chai and cloves and cinnamon are used firmly, making it a spicy and mellow adult taste. In addition, Taiwanese sweets "Douhua" has just been added.

Segafredo is the recommended way to enjoy it. First, scoop up the homemade brown sugar bean flowers that are submerged in the glass and eat them, and then use the cinnamon sticks that came with them to stir the whole chai well before drinking. This will increase the spicy flavor and the brown sugar bean flowers will melt into the chai, making it more mellow.