FamilyMart "Pokechiki (Suppa Mucho Plum Flavor)"

A new product "Pokechiki (Suppa Mucho Umemi)" will be released on February 11th at each FamilyMart store. The price is 200 yen (tax included, same below).

"Pokechiki (Suppa Mucho Umemi)" is a collaboration between Koike-ya's sour snack brand "Suppa Mucho" and FamilyMart's hot snack "Pokechiki". It is finished in a dish that reproduces the "sour delicious" taste that is characteristic of "suppa snifit".

In addition, "Stick Suppa Mucho (fresh plum flavor)" will be on sale exclusively at FamilyMart along with "Pokechiki (suppa Mucho plum flavor)". Bring out the scent and taste of plums and make them more sour. It is a snack that fills your mouth with a relaxing and happy taste. The price is 213 yen.

The new taste of juicy bite-sized chicken "Pokechiki" is "Suppa Mucho Umemi"! Not only as a snack, but also as a snack for sake and filling your stomach. When you visit FamilyMart, why not take a look at the hot snack corner?