FamilyMart "Famikara (soy sauce)" "Famikara (salt)

FamilyMart will launch new products "Famikara (soy sauce)" and "Famikara (salt)" on May 31. The new products are part of the "more delicious" concept, one of the five keywords that FamilyMart has been working on since last year.


The "Famikara" series is designed to meet the growing demand for karaage, which is increasing year by year, in pursuit of the "right answer to karaage". The product was developed with a focus on volume, texture, and meatiness so that customers can enjoy the delicious taste of a specialty restaurant quality product.

The weight is approximately 1.7 times that of the previous product, making it one of the largest in FamilyMart's history at approximately 50 g. The crispy texture is essential. The batter, which is essential for the crispy texture, is the thinnest in FamilyMart's history, allowing customers to enjoy the juicy meaty texture.

FamilyMart "Famikara (soy sauce)" "Famikara (salt)

Each type is sold in quantities of 1 piece, allowing customers to purchase the amount they want to eat for various occasions. The price including tax is 98 yen for 1 piece and 294 yen for 3 pieces.

Famikara (soy sauce)

Three types of soy sauce are used for seasoning to create an aroma, richness, and umami flavor. It tastes great even when cold and goes well with rice.

FamilyMart "Famikara (soy sauce)

Famikara (Salt)

The salt used in the seasoning is different for the batter and meat, and the salty flavor is enhanced by a well-balanced combination of three types of dashi (Japanese soup stock). It tastes great even when cold and is a perfect snack.

FamilyMart "Famikara (salt)