Hirota "Original cream puff Anno potato"

Hirota, a Western confectionery, sells a limited-time sweet "Original cream puff Anno potato". Four pieces are included in one box, and the price is 346 yen (tax included). The sale period is until December 31st.

"Original cream puff Anno Imo" is a cream puff that uses baked sweet potato paste with the highest sugar content, which is produced by setting its own quality standards and has the highest sugar content among sweet potatoes. Using Tanegashima sweet potato "Mitsuhime", which has received the blessings of nature that grows in the environment of Tanegashima, it is finished in a delicious dish unique to the season.

Hirota "Original Cream Puffs Anno Imo"
Original cream puff Anno potato

Hirota "Original Cream Puffs Anno Imo"
With chilled cream

The smooth and smooth cream has a highly reproducible taste filled with the rich sweetness and aroma of potatoes. You can enjoy the soft taste when you bite into the baked sweet potato with cream puff. Although it is rich, it is not stale, and it has an addictive taste that you can carry one or two in a row.

Hirota "Original Cream Puffs Anno Imo"

Hirota's "original cream puff Anno potato" is a must-try if you like Anno potatoes. It is also recommended to eat it with hot tea. When you see it, pick it up!