7-ELEVEN & Eye "7-ELEVEN Premium Gold Gold Butter Roll"

7-ELEVEN & i Group stores such as 7-ELEVEN will release new products in the "7-ELEVEN Premium Gold" series, "7-ELEVEN Premium Gold Gold Butter Roll," from November 19th. It comes in 2 and 4 pieces, and the prices are 120 yen and 238 yen, respectively, excluding tax.

Speaking of 7-ELEVEN Premium Gold, the series that has gained support as 7-ELEVEN's "luxury line". Up until now, we have a wide range of "Kin no ~" products , from bread to beer and ice cream, and we all enjoyed the authentic taste that makes us feel our commitment.

Introducing the new product "Golden Butter Roll". It was developed not only for breakfast but also for dinner. By using plenty of fermented butter from France, it brings out the taste and flavor of butter and realizes a solid taste that goes well with meals. It is baked using special wheat flour, and you can enjoy the chewy texture and rich wheat flavor.

7-ELEVEN & Eye "Golden Butter Roll"
2 pieces

You can eat it as it is, toast it fragrantly, warm it softly in the microwave, and combine it with "7-ELEVEN Premium Gold Gold Beef Stew" to easily create a luxurious evening table. It seems that you can enjoy it in various ways.

It will be released sequentially at 7-ELEVEN stores from November 19th, and will also be sold at 7-ELEVEN & i Group stores such as Ito-Yokado, York Benimaru, and York Mart from December 3rd.