Re-Ment "Sumikko Gurashi Oyama no Sweet Shop"
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Re-Ment will release "Sumikko Gurashi Oyama no Sweet Shop" on December 9th. The price is 650 yen (excluding tax). The contents are random.

If you collect all of them, you can recreate the sweetness shop where Miko and his friends are enjoying themselves leisurely. A figure and a mini seat are included in the set. You can make a diorama of a sweet shop with the inner box privilege.

The lineup is

1, freshly made is the best
2, matcha green tea
3, delicious 3-color dumplings
4, other tororo soba
5, Ama-Ianmitsu
6, relieved breath
7, Japanese sweets with shining craftsmanship
8, fun eating walk

All 8 types.

In addition, there are some playful elements such as putting all the Sumikos on the floor table of "6, Hot Breath", and putting the Monaka skin in the "1, Freshly made No. 1" Monaka roasting machine. A packed and discerning finish.

Re-Ment "Sumikko Gurashi Mountain Sweets Shop"

If you are a Sumikko fan, you want to complete "Sumikko Gurashi Oyama no Sweet Shop". Why don't you be healed by the cute Sumikos?

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