Seasonal menu "Philly Cheesesteak Hot Sandwich"

The seasonal menu "Philly Cheesesteak Hot Sandwich" will be on sale on November 15th at each Eggs'n Things store. The sale period is until December 1st. The price is 1,250 yen (excluding tax).

"Philly Cheesesteak Hot Sandwich" is a menu with the motif of "Phily Cheesesteak" originating in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (abbreviation: Philly). Shredded steak seasoned with BBQ sauce and spicy pepperjack cheese are sandwiched between crispy toasts. You can enjoy a juicy American sandwich with plenty of volume.

Not available at the following 3 stores.

・ Eggs'n Things LaLaport Nagoya Minato Aquls Store ・ Eggs'n Things Coffee Takasaki OPA Store ・ Eggs'n Things Coffee Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall Store

Also, until December 1st, the same seasonal menu " Macadamia Nut Sauce and Chocolate Pancakes " will be offered. Check it out as well!