Beard Papa "Rilakkuma's Pudding Shoe"
Beard Papa's and Rilakkuma's collaboration shoe!

I tried "Rilakkuma's pudding shoe" which is on sale for a limited time at the cream puff shop "Beard Papa". The rich caramel and egg flavors are reminiscent of custard pudding. The design of the wrapping paper is also cute.

The price is 250 yen (tax included). The pudding-flavored cream is stuffed in choux pastry, and caramel chocolate and caramel candy chips are placed over it.

[Tasting] Beard Papa "Rilakkuma's pudding shoe"
Zakuzaku shoe with caramel chocolate

Pudding is a favorite of Rilakkuma. Is the caramel chocolate and the coloring of the dough somewhat similar to Rilakkuma? When I try to eat it, the scent of charred sugar is strong.

Beard Papa "Rilakkuma's Pudding Shoe"
The custard inside has a rich taste of caramel and eggs

It has a strong caramel flavor on the cream itself, not on choux pastry, coatings or toppings. The egg flavor is also strong, so it reminds me of custard pudding. The mouthfeel is firmer than ordinary custard. When you put it on your tongue, it gives you the impression that it trembles for a while.

Beard Papa "Rilakkuma's Pudding Shoe"
The choux pastry is crispy and the chocolate is crispy

The choux pastry is crunchy and the chocolate is crispy. It goes well with the fluffy cream. You can enjoy it till the end with a good contrast between the outside and the inside.

Beard Papa "Rilakkuma's Pudding Shoe"
I asked for a piece of wrapping paper. The table is Rilakkuma (and pudding)

The wrapping paper has Rilakkuma eating pudding on the front and Kiiroitori on the back. Both have the usual blurry look.

Beard Papa "Rilakkuma's Pudding Shoe"
The back is Kiiroitori (and pudding)

This Rilakkuma pudding shoe will be sold at Beard Papa's nationwide until October 20, but it may be sold out or not available at all stores.