Beard Papa's "Rilakkuma's Prince Shoe"
Collaboration between Rilakkuma and Beard Daddy!

From October 1st, the cream puffs in collaboration with "Rilakkuma" will be on sale at the cream puff shop "Beard Papa". The name is "Rilakkuma's pudding shoe".

Beard Papa "Rilakkuma's Pudding Shoe"
Rilakkuma pudding shoe

A pudding-flavored cream with a pleasant plump texture is embedded in the choux pastry, and is covered with caramel chocolate and caramel candy chips from above. The price is 250 yen (tax included).

Speaking of Rilakkuma, it is a popular original character of San-X. A bear in a costume who suddenly continues to be taken care of while being at the house of Mr. Kaoru, an office lady. My main concern is daily meals, and I like hot cakes, omelet rice, and puddings and dumplings.

Beard Papa "Rilakkuma's Pudding Shoe"
Speaking of pudding, Rilakkuma's favorite food

The limited cream puff that appears in this collaboration incorporates pudding, which is one of Rilakkuma's favorite foods, and the coloring is somewhat similar to Rilakkuma. It will be sold at Beard Daddy nationwide from October 1st to 20th, but it may be sold out or not available depending on the store.