Original candy "Penelope Mix" for pub blur
It's too cute to eat !?

The cute collaboration product "Penelope Mix" is on sale from the art candy shop "papabubble". The sale period is until October 31st. Limited quantity. Limited edition products of "PAPABUBBLE Aoyama Store" and "PAPABUBBLE Daimaru Tokyo Store".

This is an original candy in collaboration with the French-born picture book character "Pénélope tête en lair" (Penelope). Five types of candies will be introduced: "Penelope", "Aladdin", "Stronboli", "Dudo", and "Inadvertently" drawn in hiragana.

All of Papubbure's candy is handmade by artisans, and is elaborately reproduced from the red nose of "Penelope" to the white beard of "Aladdin". There are five flavors: apple, cola, strawberry, cherry, and grape. It is a cute, fun, and happy candy that parents and children can take a quiz about which character has what taste, or give it as a gift to an important person.

Also, at the "Papubbure Aoyama store", Penelope jacks the inside of the store. Everywhere in the store is decorated with Penelope art.

The product lineup is as follows.

・ Penelope Mix BAG Price is 700 yen (tax included, same below)

Original candy "Penelope Mix" for pub blur

・ Penelope Mix MJAR Price is 2,800 yen

Original candy "Penelope Mix" for pub blur

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